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Operation Write Space

Mission:  Unearth the desk that once was.

There's a desk under there?

The thing about fracturing your nose is you have a lot of time to spend at home.  And since I spent the whole holiday weekend watching marathons of Arrested Development, Sex in the City, and Four Weddings while icing my face, things needed to change.

My first day back at work was embarrassing, to be sure.  I refused to tell anyone how I fractured my nose, and then thought better and used it as a sales tactic.  Ok, everyone, if we make our credit goal by 4pm, I’ll tell you how I injured myself.  It worked.  Who knew public humiliation could make a successful business ploy?  I guess it’s simple supply and demand economics.  I supply the shiny cut across my nose, partial black eye and look of shame, they demand a story.  I demand 7 credit cards by 4, they supply the accounts.  Nice work team.  Happy to have made this arrangement.

So, after a semi-humiliating day at work, I needed to do something that felt like progress could once again take place in my life.  I did all my laundry, got it folded in the dresser and hung in the closet.  I organized my make up drawer, mostly out of procrastination.  And finally decided, I’m going to tackle my out of control desk.

One full garbage bag later, desktops were cleared, bills were filed, library books found, grocery lists moved to the kitchen, nail polish put away, and 12¢ was recovered.

Much more inviting, eh?

*sigh*  I feel better already.  Operation Write Space is successful and I’m off to write right now!

What missions are you working on in life this week?

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