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Sooo, You’re Saying I’m Deformed?


That is exactly what my doctor told me.


Last Thursday Evening:

I sat down at my laptop to get some work done, but I had a tension headache interfere with my productivity. So I took it upon myself to stretch my neck out.


Those of you who’ve been hanging out here for awhile…would you call me an impatient woman?

I’ve fully admitted I’m more of a “boot camp” over “baby steps” kind of girl. So, I stretched my neck with both hands on my head until…ZING!!

I managed to pull a muscle in my neck. Conveniently on the opposite side of my tension headache.


Chiropractor doing adjustment on female patient.  White background.

Friday Afternoon at my Emergency Chiropractor’s Visit:

He REFUSED to do an adjustment because my muscles were too inflamed. AND, he made me take X-Rays.




So I spent my Labor Day weekend on the couch with an ice pack behind my head.


Fast Forward to Tuesday Afternoon’s Chiropractor’s Visit:

Entering the exam room with the excitement of what I can only describe as medicinal glee – not unlike children who skip on playgrounds – my doctor slapped my X-rays up on the chart.

Doc:  “Take a look!”

Me:  *stares at the underwire from my bra that shows up* Awkward!

Doc:  “See that.” (points to my hips) “Your left hip is sitting lower than your other one. I’m betting your headaches stem from a bigger issue. When did you stop growing?”

Me:  *stares at floor, mumbles* “Middle School”

Doc:  (laughing) “Well, we’re gonna measure your legs today and see if my hypothesis is true. But you see how your spine kind of curves from your hips and then over-corrects itself again at the base of your skull?”

Me:  “Sooo, you’re saying I’m deformed?”

Doc:  “Yes, exactly.”

Me:  “And I probably have a gimp?”

Doc:  “Most likely.”


So according to my X-ray, my profile picture should look like Nosferatu.

I figure in a few years, I’ll only post pictures of my good side. (which will be what? My left earlobe? God, I hope something stays in place.)

For now, I’ll just take my gimp leg with me and go back to icing.

How was your week?

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