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Jess Witkins claims the title Perseverance Expert. From party crashing as an Oops Baby to paving her way through pop culture, Jess explores it all. Her special skills include: Pretending to be an orphan, severe allergic reactions to the sun, hanging out in coffee shops, and quoting movie lines from the Oscar winning film, Spaceballs.

What do you mean Spaceballs never won an Oscar? You’re joking!…

You’re not joking?…

I need to think about this…

Despite your, and apparently the Academy’s, lack of appreciation for Spaceballs, I’ve decided we can still be friends…

Hang out with me on my blog where I attempt to make pathetic look cool. You’re welcome to laugh with me, or at me, as I find the humorous side in life.

Go ahead, SUBSCRIBE, you know you want to.

BEWARE: This blog is not safe to read.

Side Effects May Include: Running into Circus Cages, Drinking Wine from a Canteen, and Laughing So Hard You Poop Your Pants. Enjoy!

P.S. These things are true:  The Day I Smashed My Face at Circus World, Left for Dead in Hixon Forest, and Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (for Sh*tting Your Pants).

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Jess Witkins is a writer, blogger, and storyteller. Sometimes, she’s funny. Her mission: making pathetic look cool since 1985. Jess has been a freelance writer for the past six years with publications in The Indie Chicks, L.I.N.K. Magazine, Coulee Region Women, Coulee Parenting Connection, and Organic Valley’s blog, Rootstock. Her creative writing has appeared most recently in Ariel Chart and Rising Phoenix Review. She has an essay in the anthology, “What Remains: The Many Ways We Say Goodbye,” with Gelles Cole Literary Enterprises. She is president of the Mississippi Valley Writers Guild, a nonprofit writing community based in La Crosse, WI. She’s been a local director and producer for the national storytelling series, Listen To Your Mother. Currently, she spends her time working in a public library, wordmongering on her manuscript, doing voiceover work or storytelling for various projects, and occasionally leading ghost tours. 

45 responses

  1. I’ll be back to enjoy your blog soon. The Happiness Project. Nice name for a blog. When I named mine, I thought I was setting up the user name, thus cah4el. Ha! Oh Well. Blessings to you…

  2. thanks for stopping by and also for the compliment on my header 🙂 I was reading here and thought you might be interested in participating in my Free Write Friday’s! Here is the link if you wana check it out…

    Hope to see you back more often.


  3. Very best of luck with this project! 🙂

  4. C’mon, girl! You can do it! I am all for people living out their dreams — or at least trying. That is something that I have discovered is the “living” part of life. We can do what we have to in order to pay the bills. But we can never give up on what we love doing. Even if it never makes us famous or millionaires, we can’t stop doing what makes us happy.
    If it will help, I will subscribe to your blog so you know I will be expecting to read something from you on a regular basis. I read a couple of your posts and see something I like. I hear your voice when I read your words. Don’t you want to be heard?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It got me to jump over here and take a look and read. I’m rooting for you!

  5. I’m all for a return to wordiness. My own stab at poetry fell embarrassingly short, but then again, I didn’t have pencil-stained fingers – maybe that’s a prerequisite?

    Judging from what I’ve read of your blog so far, I’d say you’re a great writer and should definitely keep it up!

    1. I wouldn’t recommend the Emily Dickinson approach. I’ve stopped hiding writing in the mattresses and taken up a more normal storage space of a notebook. lol.

  6. Good luck with your writing.

  7. I always believe writing is something you should do because you’re wanting to do it – I don’t blame you for running at the thought of that writing major (even though I only have the vaguest idea what that is…As a Brit with some military connections, I get this vision of a guy in combats and a beret saying “Drop and give me a sonnet! Get up, get up, call that iambic pentameter? Three laps of the camp and compose me a haiku for every thirty steps! NOW! NOW! NOW!)

    1. LOL! I would so attend your boot camp. Where do I sign up?

  8. I’m enjoying your blog, Jess…I have subscribed…looking forward to more!


    1. Thank you Wendy! I’ll definitely be back to read your blog too, I LOVED the women inventors post!

  9. Thanks so much for subscribing! I’m looking forward to reading through your blog. I gotta say, I know quite a few English majors of one sort or another who panicked upon graduation. Sounds like a great project you’ve got here. ^_^

    1. Hmm, so it’s a hazard of the trade huh? Good, I thought it was just me. lol.

  10. Hi Jess:

    I’m adding some new folks to my blogroll tomorrow in honour of my one year “blogiversary.” Is it okay if I add you to “She Said”? Thanks.


    1. Absolutely! Thank you!

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  12. I like this “About Me” page a lot! Good job…it’s well-written, humorous, and pulls the reader in. Looks like I liked your original one, too, but this is even better.

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  14. I enjoy reading your blog! I am currently writing my 1st book so still learning the ropes! If your interested please check out my blog and follow me if u like. i will be sure to follow yours!

    1. Ooh, another writer on a journey! Buckle up, it’s gonna be an adventurous year!

  15. Yeah! Love your blog and, even more, your enthusiasm- it’s infectious! Look forward to keeping up with you. I’m sure you’ll inspire me keep writing as well!

    1. Glad I could encourage! Thanks for subscribing to this blog gone wild!

  16. Hi – just discovered your blog today through Twitter and love what I see. Will definitely be back for more!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I promise to make it an adventure from one writer to another!

  17. Love your blog:) The Happiness Project is a defintely a project worth undertaking:) You have been added to my blog reader! Take care and much success to you 🙂

    1. Thank you for the blog love! I appreciate the support!

  18. The Happiness Project – What a great idea. Love your blog

    1. Thank you for the compliment! Hope you stop back for more fun along the journey!

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  21. Dude I’m loving that you’re doing a Happiness Project I started reading the book last year and I’ve got my own Happiness Project going on, I follow along with Rubin’s book and post almost every week about. I think I’m up to 24 updates. Very cool, definitely helped improve the crappy days 🙂

    1. Yah I read it several years ago and kind of on a dare started blogging. It’s been an awesome and fun ride! Thanks for tuning in! Best of luck with your happiness project!!!

  22. Your photo is very funny! You look so nice and happy!

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  24. […] start with the very entertaining Jess Witkins and her exciting post, Boy Meets Girl, A Love […]

  25. […] hanging out at the Happiness Project with the fabulous Jess Witkins, a young woman with the most brilliant smile and a sunny attitude to match. How could you not want […]

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  27. Love love love it!! Can’t wait to read more. I can tell I’ll need to keep an eye on my pants…

  28. I followed you on Twitter because I saw a pretty face. Now I see that you write great as well. So I think I’ll stick around for a while. 😀

    1. Wish that’d been the reverse, but thank you for the compliment all the same.

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