What’s On Your Playlist? The 2018 Mixtape Kickoff

It is time. You and I are going to make a mixtape.

Ok, technically a mix cd, but still, a mixtape.

Yes, again.

Yes, even though hardly anyone has a device that will play cds nowadays. (It’s for my mother, she has at least two players that I know of.) 

Since 2004 I started making my mom and sister mix cds for Christmas. It’s tradition now. And I rely on YOUR HELP to find new and exciting music to showcase for them.

It’s simple, just tell me what songs or artists you love listening to.

I make two cds: a phenomenal woman mix (highlighting all female artists) and a cafe mix (featuring songs you can chill out and cozy up to while sipping your morning coffee).

Two lucky participants will get copies of the mix cds as a thank you for sharing your song suggestions!

To get started, here are some highlights from the 2017 mixes.


Phenomenal Woman Mix

That’s Alright With Me ~ Andreya Triana

Higher ~ The Naked and Famous

Want You Back ~ HAIM

Deeper ~ Ella Eyre


Cafe Mix

The Old Churchyard ~ Offa Rex

Let It All Go ~ Birdy and Rhodes

I Followed Fires ~ Matthew and the Atlas

Without You ~ Oh Wonder


What’s on your playlist? Share in the comments!
Two random winners selected in the new year! 

For more music filled posts, check out the full 2017 playlists here, plus 20162015 and 2014 if you just wanna dance.


11 responses

  1. Norah Jones (any song! but currently listening to Happy Pills and Chasing Pirates) The Lumineers–Angela or Cleopatra. Vance Joy–Fire and the Flood, Saturday Sun. Leon Bridges–Beyond.

    1. I need to check out more Lumineers. I like them and just haven’t listened to too many songs. Good suggestions, and thanks for kicking us off!

  2. I love this project and I love you!


    1. Well, I see I have some fun work ahead of me! Thanks, lady! I love you too! Looking forward to checking out these tunes!!

  3. I always love doing these!

    Cafe Mix:
    “Desert Raven” – Jonathan Wilson
    “Opposite House” – Cass McCombs
    “Cloudy Shoes” – Damien Jurado
    “Sunny Daze” – The Donkeys
    “For You” – Futurebirds
    “Mont Blanc” – Quiet Hollers
    “Farewell Transmission” – Songs: Ohia
    “Jumper Cables” – Widower
    “I Can Make You Love Me” – British India
    “The Gold” – Manchester Orchestra

    I’ll post some ideas for the Phenomenal Women mix later.

    1. I ‘thumbs upped’ another song by Manchester Orchestra on a google play station I had. Was listening to them last night!

      I have no shortage of cafe options this year! Oh but the choooooooosing! 😬

  4. Anything Gregory Alan Isakov does is lovely–his latest album is all thumbs up, but I especially love Southern Star and Berth.
    Greg Laswell is pretty good, too. Comes and Goes is stellar, as is What a Day.
    Really digging Future of Forestry right now. Love Be Your Mantra makes me so happy.

    Those are my current obsessions. 😀

    1. Sweet!!! I think I’ve used Greg Laswell before. I’m not gonna have any shortage of suggestions for the cafe mix.

  5. Almost missed this this year:
    Natalie Prass – ‘Sisters’
    Cat Power – ‘Women’
    Phoebe Bridgers – ‘Killer’
    Meg Myers – ‘Tear me to Pieces’
    Anna Calvi – ‘Don’t beat the Girl out of my Boy’
    boygenius – ‘Bite the Hand’
    Talibah Safiya – ‘Middle of the Night’

    1. Sweeeeeeet! Lots of new names here! Thank you as always, Eric!

  6. Jade Bird! She’s great and belongs on your women’s mix! “Uh Huh” is such a catchy stomper and may be my new go-to belt-it when nobody’s listening song 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx4CQa5tHaI The whole CD is good!

    Am also loving SYML (I did a cover of “Where’s my love” ’cause it’s SO pretty) lately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep6nGsQjWGk

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