Paranormal Wisconsin: The Bat Man of Briggs Road

The Strange Wisconsin sightings just keep coming!  Paranormal investigator and author Linda S. Godfrey came to speak at my local library a few months ago.  I had the pleasure of talking with her and hearing in depth information about the strange sightings in my current town of a “Bat Man.”

Bat Man as depicted by the Eye Witness, Wohali

In my last post about Paranormal Wisconsin, I mentioned that Godfrey found a unique correlation between werewolf sightings and Indian Effigy Mounds.  It’s really all too strange, that a 2006 report of a 6 foot tall Bat Man with a wingspan of 10-12 feet was made by a Native American man named Wohali, right here in La Crosse, WI.

The report says that Wohali and his son were driving home when a large, dark creature flew up to their windshield, screamed at them, and flew upward to the sky.  The creature was reported to have leathery, bat-like wings, human legs with claws, distended ribs, and very sharp teeth.  Minutes after the sighting, both Wohali and his son became violently ill, pulling the car over to vomit, and the sickness lasted a full week.

Enter Godfrey.  The investigation took place 18 days after the sighting, so Godfrey notes it was not a prime investigation date, but she, Wohali, and an uninformed third party (which makes this quest seem so much more fun) drove up to Briggs Road and walked the woods next to the encounter site.  No Bat Man.

What they did uncover was nonetheless disturbing.  Located in the woods not too far from where the alleged Bat Man flew, they found a grizzly looking carcass of a deer.  It’s possible it was hit by a car, it’s possible another animal killed it, or that a hunter had killed it.  But, there was NO BLOOD.  And the deer’s body was missing its hind limbs and all its intestines.  (Sorry, graphic, I know).  Don’t you think that’s strange?  The body showed no bullet wounds, teeth marks, or signs of being dragged.  And if was a hunter, why leave the best parts of the deer meat, taking off only the hind legs and somehow draining the animal of blood without leaving a trace behind?

Of course, there’s no way to prove how the animal died.  Or if a Bat Man is flying around dairy country, hiding out near the Mississippi.  I guess it’s just another example of Strange Wisconsin.

Want more spooky stories?

Check out, a paranormal blog that includes ghosts captured on photo. (Sorry no Bat Man. Yet!)

Happy Friday, the 13th!  Beware of things that go bump in the night!  And bats the size of basketball players with freaky bone structure and flappy wing-arms that tap on your windshield!

Update: Driving home today before a big storm, and no joke, MASSIVE swarm of bats in the sky!  Anyone volunteering to check under my bed tonight?

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  1. […] Jess Witkin’s Paranormal Wisconsin is always a fun read with strong story building potential. Paranormal Wisconsin: The Bat Man of Briggs Road. […]

  2. Lest we become too fixated, try this Wikipedia entry:

    1. LOL! I’ve seen this! And I almost included something about it in the post, but I didn’t. Too funny. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Love your Paranormal Wisconsin posts, although now I never want to drive your area at night!

    Fascinating post Jess 🙂

    1. Beware the shadows climbing trees!! LOL

  4. He was probably just looking for The Joker!

    Actually, in the photo he resembles the infamous Mothman from Pleasant Point, West Virginia.

  5. Or Point Pleasant. 🙂

    1. Maybe there’s a club. There’s also been a sighting of a Lizard Man. He lives near the Mississippi.

  6. The girls found a dead bat in our back yard last night…after Anna took pictures, Bri picked the body up with two sticks and hurled it over the fence into the brush…


    1. Sounds like something my dad would make me do. I’ve had bats in my house before. It’s freaky when you wake up in the middle of the night and they’re flying circles around you. *shudder*

  7. Reminds me of The Mothman, as Mark said above. Wild stuff.

    1. I liked that movie when it came out, but all I remember is that scene where he’s on the phone asking the creature to name what he’s holding. “Ch ch ch chapstick.” LOL

  8. Ooh, great tale. As well as the Mothman stories, it also reminds me of the Latin American Chupacabra, which doesn’t have wings but does drain the blood of cattle.

    I love this stuff!

    1. I also almost included stuff on the chupacabra! But it’s more known for its amphibian qualities, and as you said, no wings. The Lizard Man of the Mississippi could be one. 🙂

  9. I thought bat man as in the comic book superhero. This one is scarier.

    1. Much scarier!

  10. Your Paranormal Wisconsin series must be popular with the Wisconsin tourism board. At first I thought these would make me less likely to go to Wisconsin, but I’m increasingly intrigued.

    1. Yah, I don’t know why I’m not included on any brochures yet. Please write a letter on my behalf.

  11. What a durn cool blog. I love this kind of stuff. Now, is the werewolf/Indian Mounds thing the Bray Road beast or is that something else all together?

    (I’m in heaven to have met someone as weird as me.)

    1. Yes it is!!! Check out the previous post on Paranormal Wisconsin, all about your beastie from Bray Rd.!

  12. […] Into the Strange:  Wisconsin’s Paranormal.  Local lore to my new home digs include the Legend of Bat Man, and I guess there’s also a Lizard Man.  For more personal stories about ghosts, check out […]

  13. I know this is an old post but hopefully someone will see this. I recently hiked Trempealeau Mt. because my boss told me there were some indian mounds there and it would be a cool spot. Then I read this story ( about a Mothman nest there. For those who don’t know the Mt. is only about 20 minutes away from briggs rd. This makes the story about correlations of werewolves and mounds very interesting, you could almost make the case for mothmen now. I am a pretty firm nonbeliever in the paranormal, but this is too much fun. Definitely going back.

    1. I’ve heard about the mothman. We’ve supposedly got a Lizard Man and Batman around here too.

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