Guilty Pleasure? Don’t Mind if I Do

It’s time I came clean about something.  I am a sucker for guilty pleasures.  So much so I could easily change the name of this blog to Jess Witkins’ Guilty Pleasures and have plenty to write about.  I unabashedly love bad movies, bad TV, bad music, bad food, and the occasional bad book once in awhile.  And I’m guessing, you do too.

So, I’m introducing a new theme here on JW’s Happiness Project, every other Friday, I will tell you about some of my guilty pleasures, and I’m hoping you’ll make me feel better about myself by sharing yours.  😉  Guilty pleasures keep me sane.  If I worked all day, came home to cook gourmet meals, and only watched cinema of the existential kind, you probably wouldn’t like me very much.  I wouldn’t like me either.  The guilty pleasures that we indulge in define us.  Take one example, the films we watch with our girlfriends may be different than the ones we watch with our partner or parents.  If I had to guess how those three groups defined me based on the movies we watch, I’d say: friends=quirky, family=snarky, and the boyfriend=crazy.  Why?  Because my best friend is the one that watches BBC series and makes cucumber sandwiches with me, my family has to sit through me quoting every movie, and my poor boyfriend is subject to whatever whim I’m in the mood for:  Jurassic Park marathon, yes!, Sphere, sure!, La Bamba, ok!, Twilight, if I beg!

So let’s dig in to the guilty pleasures that make life more manageable at times.  I’m talking TV, people!  September is around the corner and new shows and seasons will be starting up again, so to kick off Guilty Pleasure Friday, I’m going to share with you my favorite guilty pleasure TV dramas of all time.

      The Vampire Diaries: I just finished watching Season 2 and I can’t wait til September for the next season to begin.  Sure it’s your typical love triangle, you’ve got the vampire/werewolf war going on, you’ve got an endless amount of legends to keep you just confused enough but still invested.  I am in love with this show.  It may be based for the teenage crowd, but I can’t help but fall for it.  A big reason for that is THE WRITING.  No joke, whoever the CW put together to write the episodes is smart about their plotting.  Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, wanting more, all the while you are getting new information, and even the side stories are interesting.  I give kudos to the writing team of Vampire Diaries and think any writer would because the show is action-progressed while still being believable (despite the fact it’s about vampires and werewolves).  Plus, hello, major chemistry with the cast!  I am as torn as Elena over Stefan and Damon Salvatore.  *sigh*


     True Blood:  Yes, I am bought in to the vampire craze.  It’s fun!  And the storylines between True Blood and Vampire Diaries are drastically different.  True Blood depicts a world where humans and vampires exist together, not always on good terms, but they know they’re there.  And a new substance called True Blood, allows vampires to drink blood without killing people.  Add a psychic waitress named Sookie, her shapeshifting boss, and hotheaded brother who always causes trouble, you’ve got great TV.  The lead vampire is Bill Compton, a southern plantation man in his day.  He and Sookie become bonded when she saves his life from Vampire Hunters.  New twists to the tale include humans drinking vampire blood, street name V, to get high.  Aren’t you intrigued yet?



     Six Feet Under:  No longer on air, it lasted 6 amazing seasons, this show about a family that runs a funeral home is one of the best out there.  Every episode begins with a death, the person whose funeral will take place in the funeral home owned by this family.  At times, Six Feet Under could be very dark, there’s a season where everything goes wrong, and you’ll want to stop watching and curl up thinking about your happy place.  Keep watching!  The final episode of this show is one of the best final episodes I’ve ever seen.  Mainly, this show is about finding yourself, despite all the loved ones lost, all the crap that happens, however dysfunctional your family may be, this show is about finding out what you’re made of.


     Dexter:  See a familiar face?  That’s Michael C. Hall starring as Dexter, but he also played David in Six Feet Under.  Polar opposite rolls.  Dexter is about a serial killer, but he only kills other serial killers.  He’s a good guy?  That’s what makes the show worth a watch.  You want him to get away even though he’s murdered quite a few people.  Apart from the killings, he tries to lead a normal life.  He works as a blood specialist with the Miami Police (convenient), has a girlfriend, and a sister who also works at the police department.  If you’re writing a suspense thriller, or want to study a great antihero, you should absolutely check out Dexter.



     Desperate Housewives:  Could be a drama or comedy, but due to all the murders that occur, I’m putting it here.  Suburbia.  It’s a scary neighborhood.  Primarily this show is about friends.  A group of women who get together and see each other through the thick and thin, but sometimes the thick includes dating each others’ husbands, burning down each others houses, poisoning one another, and general spying, lots of spying.  Another example of a tight knit cast, each woman is wonderful in her role.  The key players in the beginning are Edie, the blonde bombshell realtor, Lynette, the high strung mom with several trouble causing children, Susan the ever worrisome, low self-esteem, yet competitive housewife, Gabby, the saucy, selfish one, and Bree, the picturesque role model of a strong woman: excellent baker, homemaker, gun owner.


     Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:  Ok, I had to put this one at the bottom or you might not have finished reading, but hear me out!  I love Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman; I grew up watching this show with my mom.  It’s a period drama about a woman doctor braving the Wild West frontier of Colorado Springs, CO.  She’s stubborn, incredibly smart, always stands up for the less able, proves her worth, and she’s a redhead.  What’s not to love here?  Dr. Michaela Quinn, or Dr. Mike, as they called her on the show was a great example of a strong woman for me growing up.  And the love story between her and Indian Agent, Sully, is a realistic example of a strong couple.  They had arguments in the show, but they always worked through them, not every show depicts that side of a couple.  I still rent a season or so from the library time to time, this show is still a favorite.

So how bout you?  Do you share any of these guilty pleasures?  What are the TV drama guilty pleasures you watch?  C’mon, I won’t make fun, as long as you play nice to Dr. Quinn!

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  1. Okay, I loved this one because, as you said, we all know we all HAVE these guilty pleasures, but we don’t share them, right? Well, I’m in love with American Idol. I mean, I watch it from the beginning to the bitter end and I VOTE! A lot!
    And I love love love Pretty Little Liars. As you said about the vampire series, this series leaves me on the edge of my seat after each episode, longing for more. My 12-year-old daughter and I devour each and every Tuesday nite’s episode and then watch it sometimes a second time!

    1. I love love love that you and your daughter have this moment together. That was my mom and my thing too. We would watch Dr Quinn, Profiler, ER, Early Edition. It was fun sharing that with her. I’d like to see Pretty Little Liars. I read Tiffany’s post about it and it sounds entertaining.

  2. I totally share your True Blood guilty pleasure. I even try not to make plans on Sunday nights so I don’t miss the latest episode : )!

    1. I’m behind, don’t have the fancy cable channels, so I’m waiting for season 3 from the library now. So excited, don’t tell me what happens!

  3. Dr. Quinn was a good show, I used to watch it as a kid, and yes, I’ll admit it. Current guilty pleasures, hm. Deadliest Catch, I just love watching crab fishing, I could never do it as a job but there is something about the drama of actuallity (as opposed to faux reality) that appeals to me. I’m also a huge fan of the Borgias and Game of Thrones (both currently in off seasons).

    Fun idea Jess 🙂

    1. You just went up a little higher in my book (and you’re already up there) because you watched Dr. Quinn. Thank you for being man enough to admit it. 😀

      Deadliest Catch is good. Joe makes me watch a lot of Pawn Stars and occasionally American Pickers. Then I force him to watch a lot of Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown on the travel channel.

  4. OK, you forgot to mention the best part about True Blood, if I may be so direct: the super hot sex. 🙂

    And Dexter is probably my favorite show on the air (though Breaking Bad is giving it a run for its money lately). I’ve been hooked since Season One. If that’s a guilty pleasure, lock me up and throw away the key!

    1. You might really like Big Love also. I almost put that one on here too. I’m morbidly fascinated about polygamy because of that show, though I could never do it. Strong characters, prideful men, the practical, suspicious, and flirty three wives. I bet you’d like it.

  5. All the really, really dumb show are my favs. Reruns of Married with Children, MXC, Get a Life, the early episodes of South Park, and Beavis and Butthead. They don’t make shows like that anymore. So I rarely watch TV anymore.

    1. Oh you named some that will be on the comedy guilty pleasure shows. South Park of course! We quote from that a lot around here. 🙂

  6. You know what I have to say, don’t you? THIS BLOG POST IS AWESOME!

    I am so glad you enjoyed The Vampire Diaries. I didn’t watch season 1 live, I waited until the entire season was over and watched it marathon style. I couldn’t stop watching it – I think I watched the entire season in one weekend. When season 2 started, I couldn’t do the same thing – I could barely wait from week to week before the next episode. The writing is some of the best on television. I think it’s a shame that the Twilight movies make all the money that they do, because IMO, the Vampire Diaries is WAY better.

    I’m also a big, huge fan of True Blood, Desperate Housewives, and Dexter.

    1. Why aren’t we neighbors? I could politely swing by right around the time Vampire Diaries starts and bring a glass of red wine and vervain. 🙂 Totally agree about the writing. Love the Twilight story, NOT the strongest writing. Vampire Diaries is amazing!

  7. I watch Vampire Diaries (which me and the Hubby call VD–get it?), True Blood, and Dexter. We enjoyed Six Feet Under while it was on. Actually, these are the shows I consider my “good” shows.

    Since these have to do with murder…one of my guilty pleasures is Lockup. You get to see lots of murderers on this show. Some of the interviews with the inmates are pretty hair-raising. It’s a real education into the mind of a criminal.

    Other death-related guilty pleasures: The Find a Death website (especially his forum) and Wicked Attraction (on ID channel).

    Good post, Jess. Love this topic.

    1. I think you just inspired a theme for a future guilty pleasure post: Death-related. Great minds think alike. I’m already forming my list, only problem is I can’t write fast enough.

  8. Okay, I’m showing my age big time! I love the old movies I grew up with…Fred Astair & Ginger Rogers, Errol Flynn in Robing Hood, Gypsy, Shirley Temple…Oh man, I AM old! My fav newer show was HBO’s Empire Boardwalk (it was about the 1920’s – still OLD) Vampire movies leave me cold, except for 1998’s Blade with Wesley Snipes. Give me Back to the Future, Indiana Jones or James Bond with Sean Connery and I’m happy. I’m corny, according to my own kids, and I’m okay with that!

    1. I love oldies like Fred Astaire and Shirley Temple too. Could probably quote you many a Shirley film. “Oh my word!” Maybe it’s cause my parents are so old! lol. I was raised on classics like Singing in the Rain, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and literally the first movie that made me cry was An Affair to Remember. I’m secretly like 40 something at heart I think. 😀

  9. Ooh, I forgot to mention HBO’s Hung! That was funny, at least the first season was. Jess, aawesome post!

    1. Marcia, I watch Hung, too! LOL That’s such a sleazy show, but I laugh out loud at it.

  10. Valerie Johnson | Reply

    Another True Blood fan here. I DVR it and watch late at night because I can’t have my kids seeing some of those scenes. Loving . Can watch on my laptop. Aren’t we all just hoping they don’t eliminate the book’s super hot shower scene with Eric and Sookie this season? On a tamer note I’m also addicted to Househunters International on HGTV.

    1. HGTV is one area I haven’t tapped into, I think it’s cause I live with boys and can’t have nice things.

      Definitely want the steamy shower scene!

  11. Looooove Dexter! My favorite vamp show is still Buffy…not a vamp show but, you know, she hunts some and kisses others. Sigh. Spike. LOL

    1. Oh you make me smile! I watched Buffy. I was way more addicted to Charmed, the show about the three witch sisters. My mom hated me watching it because of how scantily dressed they would be, but I’m like, “they’re magical, butt kicking witches!” LOL

  12. I loved Dr. Quinn…and Sully. I think I was Dr. Quinn in a previous life. 😉

    But I’m wondering why Dexter is a guilty pleasure. That’s a great show, great writing, great characterization. Why guilty?

    1. True, that one has become very popular.

      Another clue that you and I were roommates in a parallel universe: I dressed as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman for Halloween 4 years ago. My love is that deep. I even made a shingle.

  13. In two weeks I’m off to comic con- guilty pleasures central! I will definitely be sitting in the True Blood and Dexter panels! Let’s see what am I willing to admit???? Okay I watch Say Yes to the Dress and Millionaire Match Maker- not all the time- but far too often.

    1. I’m a sucker for Four Weddings, the one where four brides attend each others’ weddings and vote on their favorite. Winner gets their dream honeymoon. Guilty pleasure.

  14. My weirdest guilty pleasure is probably Food Network- which typically wouldn’t count as a guilty pleasure, but I watch absurd amounts of it that are way too much for a normal person, haha. 😀 I also love Avatar: the Last Airbender, NCIS, and Covert Affairs. Loved this post!

    1. I’m an Avatar nut too. I thought it was awesome! And so is the Food Network for that matter. I like Giada and Barefoot Contessa.

  15. I used to watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman just to drool over Sully! I was so upset when they cancelled Early Edition (yum – Kyle Chandler).

    I’ve seen Six Feet Under a couple of times, and liked it…most British comedies are good!

    I rarely watch drama shows any more…they always cancel them once I start watching them! I also have quite enough drama in my real life! I prefer comedies…


    1. Comedies are coming! Just you wait.

      Yep, Early Edition was another one I watched with my mom. And Profiler and ER, we were always in the living room, eating popcorn, probably drinking coca cola watching those shows.

  16. Staying away from TV so I don’t have a lot of guilty pleasures at the moment. I do watch old tv shows though (on the internet). H2O is my current fave at the moment because there’s the Clio-Lewis-Charlotte love triangle going on in season 2 (Lewis only ended up with Charlotte because he’s trying to prevent her from seeing Clio as a mermaid. He still loves her even though they broke up). PGSM is an all-time addiction because I love Sailor Moon growing up. Then there’s the love triangle between Usagi-Mamoru-Hina. It’s complicated since Mamoru is engaged to Hina but doesn’t love her. If he pursues his feelings for Usagi (they were together since their previous lives), the earth will end.

    1. I totally got up early and watched Sailor Moon and Pokemon. It made me in the know and I created games around the characters for the kids I babysat for. I pretended I was Sailor Jupiter, because of course, she had red hair.

    2. You probably look better in that Sailor Jupiter costume than the actual actress. It looks weird when they’re in costume.

  17. I’ve never seen any of these shows! :-O

    1. With all the fun theme parties you host, you’ll have to share with us some of those!

  18. Oh I LOVE the idea of a guilty pleasures post!! Can’t wait to what else you reveal. 😉

    1. Hmm, me thinks you have some guilty pleasures of your own? Fess up, Nina!

  19. I have a confession…I also watch Desperate Housewives. Seems so shameful being on a Sunday night and all, just hours after going to church, but I can’t help it. It’s just so…ridiculous!

    I watch tons of bad TV with my kids. The silliest tween show I’ve seen lately is My Babysitter’s a Vampire. My older son loves that show….

    1. Reminds me of the books I read in elementary school: The Bailey School Kids. They had titles like Santa Claus doesn’t Mop Floors, Vampires Don’t Chew Bubblegum, and Aliens don’t Wear Braces.

      1. How funny – my older son loves the Bailey City series and I’ve read a ton of them (so I can quiz him). Eddie sure is a little stinker 🙂 I do feel old now because those books weren’t around when I was in elementary school, or even high school…

        1. I had a ton of those books, and it’s cool cause now my niece and nephew read them too.

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