My Husband and I Cannot Be Trusted to Pick Out “Our Song”


Me and the Hubs

My husband and I are celebrating two years of marriage this month. And we’ve been a couple for a decade.

We should probably have a song picked out by now.

I mean, we kinda do. We have the song we first danced to. The song we sang at our wedding. We’ve recorded two CDs for family covering songs we love. Given my husband is a professional musician, there is no shortage of music in our home.

Yet, on a recent car trip, a specific song came on the radio and Joe’s eyes lit up in excitement as he said, “Do you know what this is?”

I didn’t.

“Think Tia Carrere.”

It was Dreamweaver by Gary Wright.

“This should be our song,” said Joe.

“Um, I’m not sure I agree with that. Even if it is the soundtrack for a great scene in Wayne’s World.”

I politely suggested another song.

Bird on a Wire by Aaron Neville.

And that, is when my husband gave me a look that said “we will not be figuring out what our song is today.”

Also, he was less than enthused when I started playing this song after he exited the bathroom later that day. *shrug* I still say it’s got a good groove.

What’s your song? How did you choose it?
What song recommendation do you have for Joe and I?
Because clearly, 
we can’t be trusted.

36 responses

  1. I just love that song Home– Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa…I think that’s perfect! Jim and I don’t really have a song and we’ve been married over 16 years. So you guys still have time. haha!

    1. That’s what we sang at our wedding. And our rings have “home is wherever I’m with you” engraved on the inside.

      Good to know we still have time! LOL

      1. You guys did such an wonderful cover of that tune, too! Whenever I hear it now I think of you guys (true story)…

        1. Oh gosh! How sweet. Thank you kindly. 😊

      2. That’s so sweet, Jess.

    2. I agree: this should be your song. I swear, anytime I hear it, I think of your wedding. And I wasn’t even there!

  2. Mary and I have been married 38 years and we still don’t have a song…

    “Dream Weaver” is a good one….

    1. Hmmm I want to hear Mary’s vote. 😉

      1. She reminded me of this, which we sing at least once a day for some reason…

        1. Oh my. Well that is a unique song. Lol

  3. Andrew Londre | Reply

    For Romi and I, “Our Song” is…
    “The Gambler” by Fun.

    She and I saw Fun. perform as the opening act for Motion City Soundtrack 5(?) years ago, before Fun. hit it big. We really love their upbeat music but when we heard the Gambler, we knew it was our song. The lyrics are just so descriptive of our relationship from when we met to where we are now – except for a couple really sad verses. And the song itself is very soothing and just the perfect amount of lovey-dovey.

    Give it a listen!

    1. That’s cool it came from a concert you attended together. It’s always nice when the song holds a special memory for the couple as well. I’ll give The Gambler a listen!

  4. Together you are music to my eyes.

    1. Well, you’re biased. LOL

  5. You know, I had never thought about it before now, but I have never had a song with anyone. I feel like I am missing out now. 🙂

    1. Well clearly you’re not doomed! So long as you have a couple jams YOU like to rock out to!

  6. I’ve been married almost thirteen years and we haven’t been able to agree on a song either. I guess it is okay though as we agree on most other things.

    1. I see I am in plenty good company. Ha!

  7. *blush* Our song is Afternoon Delight. Can’t remember who sang it.

    1. Hahaha! I love you guys.

    2. karenmcfarland | Reply

      Blush is right! “Skyrockets in Flight, Afternoon delight.” The Starland Vocal Band Kassandra. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Karen, I couldn’t think of their name for love nor money. But now it’s stuck in my head!

    3. Kass, you wild thing, you!

  8. I can totally relate to having music everywhere. My husband is also a professional musician – bass. He plays in a KISS tribute band, and yes he breathes fire and spits blood. I’ve had to accept that bass guitars will lean, or hang, or simply sprawl in every room room of our house.

    It was a serious blow to our early relationship when I had to confess that I didn’t really know music. I had no clue how to count or keep time. If I heard a song on the radio that I liked, chances were good I didn’t know the title, or the name of the band. So he took on the monumental task of my music education. He said, “We’re going to play Name That Band. If I ask you ‘which band is this’ the answer is either Led Zeppelin or Foreigner.” I’ve made some strides. But it’s painful.

    Our songs though were easy. He picked, and we have a few. But I think my favorites are Chicago’s Beginning and Eagles Long Run.

    1. We toured the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame a few years ago and I was watching an interview clip on a tv when I remarked “I didn’t know Robert Plant was in Led Zeppelin!” My husband’s eyes grew huge and he quickly escorted me into another room with a discerning “Do NOT say things like that around here!” face. Lol

      1. Sounds like your husband and mine are a lot alike. Lol! I would’ve got the same.

  9. Our song is “Right Down The Line” by Gerry Rafferty. It kind of has to be, considering it was instrumental in my proposal to Tara!

    1. I’m impressed because with all the music in your lives, I think it would be hard to choose.

      1. It was a no brainer. We heard the song playing in the grocery store the first time I visited her in Ely and I made a comment, right then and there, that “we will always remember this song and this moment.”

        What do you know. We did.

  10. karenmcfarland | Reply

    Talk about opposites attract! You and Serena are too funny. Hmm. I have no idea what to suggest for your song. I think that’s too personal. But, my hubby and I chose “I Only Have Eyes for You” sung by Art Garfunkel. It’s an oldie and there are other versions. This one came out right around the time we got engaged. I find it interesting that most of your guest have picked a 70’s song. Perhaps one might work for you and Joe. 🙂

    1. He’d be a fan. So many great musicians in that era!

  11. Somebody is neglecting their blogging duties these days. AHEM.

    Don’t disappear into the oblivion like so many other bloggers I’ve followed over the years. Please. I enjoy reading you too much! 😉

    1. Oh no!!! I promise I’ll be back. Forgive me, Mark!!

      1. Just giving you a hard time. 🙂

  12. Linda and I’ve been married for 37 years, 7 months, and 11 days (but who’s counting) and our song is the one that gets stuck in our head at the time. It may not matter who gets it first. If it communicates to the partner, then it becomes our song.
    Just like all the other factors in life, our song varies from time to time. Currently our song is Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me.”

    1. I’m an ABBA fan, so I approve.

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