Stuff I Meant To Get To And Just Finally Did

18314760839_a7c49e4737_zI’m a fan of the ‘Save Link’ option on Facebook. Only I’m terrible at actually going back and looking at all those saved links.

At any given point and time, my laptop has at least 10 tabs open of blog posts waiting to be read.

So, in honor of New Year’s being just around the corner, and it being a time of year for renewal, I thought I better clear out my digital queue.

Here’s what I meant to read, and just finally did.

Self Care Tips and Do Good Ideas

leap fail

How My 2015 Has Felt

My year has been another one of transition and change. It’s been full of stress. And I’m not a good model for slowing down. These posts gave me some food for thought. 

In need of some manageable, quick tasks to help you feel refreshed? Check out 15 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Help When You Feel Like Shit.

Want to reduce your stress level by 68%? Who knew all you had to do was read before bed!

And then when you’re ready to reflect, make some new goals, and treat yo’ self, read 26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once a Year.

Ready to put some good in the world? 15 Things For When the World is Shitty and Terrifying.

Writing Tips and Blogs to Read

typewriter gifThis year I became a freelance writer, writing both for local magazines as well as online sites. And I’m still plugging away at my book. Here’s hoping I can reserve more time to write in 2016. 

Struggling with some aspect of your writing? Watch out for these culprits: Doubtful Writing Habits You Should Forget About.

How to Be a More Productive Freelancer in 20 Minutes is both a funny read and good advice from the seriously silly Schmutzie. Read for a laugh, stay for the tips.

Jane Friedman is a stellar resource for any writer and she nails it with 5 Reasons You’re Experiencing Writer’s Block.

Now, need a kick in the pants to get going again? Advice in Six Words: 17 Inspirational Writing Tips.

Just For the Fun Of It

funny witherspoonIt’s not Jess Witkins’s Happiness Project without a little fun involved! 

Because it’s not time wasting when important questions are being solved. Which Jane Austen Heroine are You? 

I got Catherine Morland. No surprise there. 😉

Because this is so real it hurts: What Marriage is Really Like.

And lastly, this beautiful round up courtesy The Bloggess, who shared all three Bad Lip Reading versions of Star Wars in We’re Those People.


Your turn! Show some linky love in the comments below to the posts you’ve been reading or feel free to share one of your own. Let’s keep the blog hopping non-stopping! Cheers, friends! 



13 responses

  1. Ha! I do the same thing (and am just as bad about actually going back to read the links I’ve saved). I am looking at my links now and here’s what I’ve got:

    1. 15 Links You Should Eliminate From Your Vocabulary to Sound Smarter

    2. Memories of Candles and Incense: Honoring Scott Weiland.

    3. No Warp Drives, No Transporters: Science Fiction Authors Get Real.

    4. Why You May Live to 150 and Never Look Older Than 30.

    5. Should We Care About the Preservation of Our Species?

    1. Cool! I’ll just add those to the queue! LOL.

      I am actually interested in that science fiction authors one.

  2. Err, that would be 15 “words” you should eliminate. Not links!

  3. Well thanks a lot Jess! Now you’ve added to my TBR super cool articles pile. So, I do the same thing. And, I work at the library, so many lovely books–books I didn’t even know I wanted to read. So I have a digital TBR and a 3dimensional TBR. *sigh*

    1. Yah I have draft emails to myself for articles that are good for pages I manage. That’s probably why I have so many tabs going too. #sorrynotsorry

  4. I’m keeping my email with the link to this blog post. I especially liked the 26 things you should do for yourself. Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Lauralynn! I found those self care posts helpful and uplifting.

  5. Love it, Jess. It seems like there’s never enough time to check out your favorite blogs and now Mathair and I are adding these to our list. 😉 BTW, I got Fanny Price as my Jane Austen heroine. lol

    1. Awww Fanny is sweet just like you! Happy reading!! And a happier new year!

  6. Thanks for sharing this – although my online TBR list has just increased ridiculously!! x

    1. As any good bibliophile’s list should! 😉

  7. One of my favorite type of “work” sessions is to go through those saved links on FB and Twitter. I consider it a luxurious perk of the blogging life. I love it! These are great finds. Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

    1. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, Nina. It is a work perk. LOL

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