Patricia Sands’ 10 Most Delectable French Foods

It’s another round of Guilty Pleasures Friday, hosted by this week’s Featured Writer, Patricia Sands! Patricia hales from Sunny Toronto, Ontario!  But she’s just mad about France!  Every Friday she blogs about France at her blog.  But just for today, I convinced Patricia to share her Top 10 Most Delectable French Foods with us here at The Happiness Project! 
Patricia is author of the friendship phenomenon, The Bridge Club, and she shared stories about her real life bridge club last Tuesday in a guest post, Thank You For Being a Friend!  Be sure to enter the e-book giveaway by commenting on that post too!  Contest ends Saturday at Midnight. 
On with the Guilty Pleasures!  Make our mouths water, Patricia!   
Full disclosure (in case you haven’t noticed), I LOVE France. It’s #1 on the list of “Places In My Life That I Really Love” which is very different from the “People In My Life That I Really Love” or “Books That I’ve Read That I Really Love” or  … well, you get the picture. Life is good.
Since CJ West shared his mouth-watering Chocolate Guilty Pleasure list  , I thought I would follow along with food-related guilty pleasures from France.  The problem was how to choose only ten!
So these are just a few ten simple pleasures anyone can enjoy in France or you may even find them in your own neighborhood and then you can pretend you are in France.
#10 – Normandy butter  – Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth, natural butter produced since the 16th Century.
 #9 – Papalines in Avignon – Two coats of chocolate enclosing papaline liqueur. The outer coat is applied by hand to give the textured effect. They look weird but taste divine!
 #8 – Strawberry cupcakes from Choopy’s in Antibes – find out more about the cool, enterprising couple who own Choopy’s and bake own their delicious cupcakes. If you are in Antibes, stopping by their shop is a MUST!
 #7 – Ice cream from Berthillon in Paris – On the Ile Saint-Louis, 1954. Any flavour will do!
 #5 – Pain au chocolat – Flaky melt in your mouth pastry + chocolate = ecstasy (for breakfast)! Can’t get to France right now? Try making your own!
#4 – Moules/frites from a restaurant in the Old Port of Nice. I can’t remember the name but I can give you directions. These were THE best I’ve ever had. The sauce was olive oil, crushed tomatoes, garlic – that’s it! Magnifique!
 #3 – Cheese – in France? It’s a religion. It’s impossible to even begin choose a favourite but here are a few words on the subject of brie.
#2 – Crème brulée – need I say more? The earliest reference to this is in a French cookbook from 1691. No wonder they make it so well!
#1 – Sipping Pastis, or any drink for that matter, sitting on the terrace of the bar at La Chèvre D’Or in Eze Village. On a budget? Take your beverage of choice ( I recommend water), climb to the top of the Jardin Exotique and enjoy the magnificent view.

Thank you Patricia!  These dishes look divine!  I especially want that plate of brie and the pain au chocolat!
What are your favorite guilty pleasure foods?  Go ahead, confess!  Indulge!  That’s what we’re here for!

20 responses

  1. Ooh, YUUUUM. Is Berthillon the “hole in the wall” place known for making the first sorbet? If so, it’s one of my faves, too. Heck, even if it’s not, can I have some? LOL Great post, ladies!

    1. Now Patricia and I are responsible for making everyone eat chocolate and pastries for breakfast this morning. 🙂

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  3. Mmmmm, mouthwatering post – share all of these passions, with the exception of creme brulee. For some reason, it has never been my dessert (nor creme caramel). And I was in Eze Village just a month ago… what a view!

    1. I have never tried creme brulee but I totally want to now! I tend to order whatever dessert seems the chocolatiest.

  4. Okay now my mouth is reeeeeally watering! I will have to make a trip to the grocery store for some facsimiles!

    1. Ooooh let me know what you find! I’m always up new food ideas!

      1. Herbed goat cheese….. mmmmmm…..

  5. OMG….LUV the Pain au chocolat!!! Must. Have. More.
    Right now…my guilty pleasure has been havarti cheese with cracked peppercorn Triscuits. YUM!

    1. Are you raiding my cupboard, Natalie! That’s been my go to snack! I’m also a fan of gouda cheese with tomato basil triscuits. LOL. Shall we compare wine pairings next?

  6. I gained ten pounds just looking at this list! Yummy!

    1. Now you can’t possibly blame Patricia or I for cyber pounds! Just do some cyber sit ups and you’re good to go! And then after those sit ups, you should really reward yourself say with some pain au chocolat! Bon appetit! I mean Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down! 😉

      1. Sounds very good to me.

  7. Karen McFarland | Reply

    Oui,oui!!! Ooh, la, la, Patricia!

    A girl after my own heart! Love France! Been there, done that! And love, love, love the food!
    The food there is phenomenal. Just the thought of eating a french baguette makes my mouth water. No, not one bake here. Yep, you know what I’m talking about. Ours do NOT taste the same. It’s their wheat. It has a whole different flavor. The Crème brulée, the moules/frites, pan au cholate. Bon appetite!

    Where have you visited over there Patricia. You and I will have to compare notes. Of course you may have been blogging about this all along and I haven’t had the opportunity to come by lately. You just can’t be everywhere. You know what I mean?

    Great guest post Jess! You and Patricia make a good team! 🙂

    1. We’re ladies who like to indulge!

  8. This post made me hungry. I’d like a sample of everything. 🙂

    1. Me too! Carpool to Patricia’s!

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