And There’s a Side Pocket for Snacks!

Some of you may know that I work in a reproductive health clinic. A large part of my job involves volunteer coordination, some marketing and outreach, working closely with our board of directors, and managing our social media. (I post cool stuff, you guys, check us out on Facebook and Twitter!) Additionally, I can be found handing out condoms on campuses and in area bars, hosting the occasional evening of Sex Trivia, and shouting things like “No Karolee, I DON’T know where your balls are!”

(Relax, it was just the fake set of testicles we have for educational purposes.)

Sometimes when I’m searching for interesting things to post online, my coworkers send me ideas. One such idea happened upon my email, and while it wasn’t quite right to share on our clinic page, I knew two ladies who HAD to see it.

August McLaughlin is an author, blogger, and  founder of GirlBoner radio and a huge proponent of women’s sexual health and empowerment. Jenny Hansen works as a freelance writer, technical trainer, and blogger with a reoccurring little series called The Undie Chronicles. These were clearly the women who would appreciate the following tweet I sent.

What I sent them was the link to this product…

You guys, for just $35 you can have your very own condom sleeping bag!!

Turns out, I was right. August and Jenny did appreciate my tweet.

Or for storing actual condoms, but I would use it for snacks!

The product includes a pillow and zip compartment for storing the actual sleeping bag, which can be rolled up just like a condom.

August and Jenny and I were making plans for our virtual sleepover that included birth control themed brownies and trivia.


Do you know it? I stumped these gals, though their guesses were admirable.

The correct answer is Little Richard’s “Tutti Fruiti.” The original lyrics read “Tutti fruiti, get booty.”

What do you think? Do you find the condom sleeping bag as amusing as we do?
Will you be joining us at the sleepover? It’s BYOS, bring your own snacks. 😉

13 responses

  1. So so so so funny! Love this.

    1. You’re welcome to join us at the sleepover, Renee! We can add paint party to the list of things to entertain!

  2. I’m pretty sure Lionel Richie did not write “Tutti Frutti.” Little Richard, perhaps. 😉

    And condom-oke is genius. I might have even enjoyed that date from hell 9 years ago if it had featured a few more condoms and a lot less singing.

    1. OMG – Mark, you’re right! I need to correct that! I put the wrong “Richie.” LOL.

      Good catch!

  3. LOL That was such a fun chat! I loved reliving highlights.

    Now, to start coming up with our condom-oke songs and lyrics… And I still want Jenny’s wisdom monogrammed on a sleeping bag.

    1. We would create the best playlist – music or otherwise!

    2. And people wonder why Twitter is still my favorite social media… Where else can you have speed-of-light chats about condom sleeping bags? Entire parties have been planned around less, and we didn’t have Groovy Jess of the Playlist Talent for THOSE parties. Bring it on, ladies…Bring. It. On!

      1. LOL. Yes Twitter rules and all others drool.

      2. LOL So true, Jenny! That must be the best review Twitter of I’ve ever heard. And yes. Everything’s groovier with Jess!

  4. LMAO (no pun intended)

    1. You’re invited, Kassandra!

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