Prepare Yourselves, #Keanuthon is Coming

The Husband and I have been planning to have a movie marathon for months now. A themed marathon. A celebrity-themed marathon.

A Keanuthon. 

We all have our celebrity crushes and idols. My husband’s is Keanu Reeves.

And Jane Fonda. But we’ll host her party later.

So, we’ve decided to host a #Keanuthon. A Keanu Reeves themed movie marathon for the month of September!



Here’s the scoop. 

Starting September 2nd, we’ll watch one Keanu Reeves movie every wednesday. And we’re going to live tweet the movie using the hashtag #Keanuthon. Find me on Twitter @jesswitkins and let’s talk all things Reeves-related.

Feel free to dive in the fun using whatever your favorite social media hangout is, just use #Keanuthon so we can find you.

At the end of the month, I’ll share a wrap up post featuring the funniest and best tweets and photos from #Keanuthon.

So tell all your friends! Head to the movie rental store (AKA: Netflix), and get ready for #Keanuthon!!!

It’s all starting with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Spread the word! #Keanuthon starts in one week! 

18 responses

  1. On a sidetrack, Jess, I saw the trailer for the reboot of ‘Point Break’ in the theater, and although I can’t picture them recapturing Keanu’s lightning in a bottle with Swayze, the skydiving sure looked adventerous with today’s technology behind it. Back to your hubby’s crush and your trailer for the ‘thon …

    1. Oooh! I hadn’t heard they were remaking Point Break. I don’t know if a new one can top a Swayze/Reeves duo. I will let the hubster know. You know for a week he asked me to call him Johnny Utah? It’s going to start all over again.

      1. Ha! That’s really funny. If I ever run into your hubby, Jess, I’ll be sure to call him Johnny Utah.

  2. I have a Word of the Day calendar. Today’s is “remuneration.” But I like “Keanuthon” much better. (“Fondathon” has a nice ring, too). I think that’s a good selection of choices very representative of Keanu’s body of cinematic work. Can’t say I’d be similarly inclined, but a DiCaprio marathon would be just the ticket for me.

    1. Oh it’s on the docket, Mr. Petruska. Just you stay tuned. We’ve got a whole line up!!!

      Hope you tune in for Keanu!

  3. I like that idea. I am looking forward to reading about it! I love Keanu!

    1. We definitely picked a wide selection of what he’s known for. Looking forward to watching (well, rewatching) all of them! Hope you hang out on twitter with us too!

  4. My Own Private Idaho! #keanuthon

    1. #Keanuthon: The B Side.

  5. What Fun! I’m thinking my 16 year old needs some Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure education…

    1. Yaaaaaas!! And really Point Break is like the ultimate surf-heist film. Patrick Swayze’s hair is so dreamy.

  6. My favorite of his movies is The Lake House. I usually prefer action movies to sweet romance, but The Lake House is a great one.

    1. Don’t judge, cuz it’s a Hallmark movie, but you’d probably like The Love Letter too then.

      1. There are four different movies called The Love Letter on IMDB. LOL. But I figured out which one you were talking about since it’s similar to The Lake House. It actually sounds really interesting. I’ve been known to watch Hallmark before…especially during the holidays. I don’t watch chick flicks a lot, but when it gets close to Christmas, I go a little crazy. 🙂

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