What Songs Made the 2012 Phenomenal Women Mix?

Hello Music Lovers, dancers of the Fandago (whatever that may look like), toe tappers, belt it out singers in the car and shower, karaoke kings and queens, and your pandemic pandora fans!

About a month ago, I begged you to share your favorite female band/artist songs with me in the hopes of finding some swag new tunes!  You can see everyone’s recommendations here!  And believe me, there were gooooood ones!

I needed the ideas for a Christmas gift for my mother.  Each year I make her a Phenomenal Woman Mix CD, a compilation of all female artists to get your groove on and feel like a powerful, courageous woman!  It’s become a favorite and anticipated gift that my sister has also gotten in on.

I had so many awesome songs I had to split it into two cds, with the second cd being a “Cafe’ Mix” – songs that are more folksy, chill sounding.  That cd is still being completed.

And because I’m a feminist – which actually means I’m for equality – I couldn’t leave my dad out this year, so I made a Gentleman’s Mix of all male artists too.

Alas, there was editing to be done.  Only so many songs would fit on the cd, you know?  But here it is, final edition!  The Phenomenal Woman Mix 2012 and the first ever Gentleman’s Mix!  Thanks you guys for the great recommendations!

Phenomenal Woman Mix 2012

1.  Wide Awake by Katy Perry

2.  Use Somebody by Brooke White

3.  Leave Your Mark by Jessie Baylin

4.  Amen by Edens Edge

5.  Hell on Heels by The Pistol Annies

6.  My Heart by The Ettes

7.  Wild Young Hearts by the Noisettes

8.  Tainted Love by Imelda May

9.  I’m on Fire by Lindi Ortega

10.  A Little More of You by Ashley Chambliss

11.  Next To Me by Emeli Sande

12.  Let Me Out by Imelda May

13.  Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

14.  Fire by Ingrid Michaelson

15.  Ride by Lana Del Rey

16.  Stompa by Serena Ryder

17.  Glorious by Stephanie Mabey

18.  Ciao Monday by Emm Gryner

19.  Me After You by Maia Sharp

20.  Happy Pills by Norah Jones

Gentleman’s Mix 2012

1.  Where I Belong by Building 429

2.  Washed by the Water by NEEDTOBREATHE

3.  Ho Hey by The Lumineers

4.  I Wanna Know by the Straight 8’s

5.  Sing for Love by Chuck Cheesman

6.  Freightliner by Have Gun, Will Travel

7.  The Pilot by The White Buffalo

8.  All My Days by Alexi Murdoch

9.  Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

10.  Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons

11.  Heart Skips a Beat by Olly Murs

12.  Home by Phillip Phillips

13.  Angel Dance by Robert Plant

14.  Harvest Moon by Neil Young

15.  Better Days by Eddie Vedder

16.  Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons

17.  Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Happy tuneage everyone!  Find some new songs to buy?  Well TWO LUCKY COMMENTERS will receive BOTH CDs just for hanging out this week on The Happiness Project!  

Stay tuned for the final edition of the Cafe Mix (and feel free to leave more suggestions)!

Until then, may the groove be with you! 

15 responses

  1. OOO…I see some new music in my afternoon playlist. 🙂

    Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is one of my favorite sing-a-long songs. And pretty much everything by Mumford and Sons.

    Guess that means I need to check out the songs on your list I don’t know!

    1. Please do! And that Edward Sharp is a good dance in your room song too.

  2. Oooooh!Awesome. And *ahem* I am getting one of these CDs, yes? We can forgoet the whole other care-package thing, but the CDs are faboo!

    Did I know you back when I tried to duplicate Ingrid on that CD cover? It’s pretty funny.


    Hahahaha! It still cracks me up. Scroll down. NOTE: I don’t do mash-ups like this anymore since I’m not teaching anymore. 😉

    1. Yes I’ll send you the cds! I owe you big time!!!

      1. I would really love them! I could use some new tunes! Thanks, Jess!

  3. Super cool! I used to love making mix tapes/CDs. Now I only have playlists on itunes, but I forgot how cool (and personal) it is to make gifts like this. 🙂

    1. Omg…I was the girl in high school still taping songs off the radio on a cassette tape.

  4. You have very hip parents! Amazing mixes, Jess! You found some great music. Frankly, I’ve never heard of any one of these bands – alas, I think I’m not as hip your parents. There’s another new year resolution–expand my taste in music. Looking forward to Cafe mix!

    1. LOL. My parents are only hip cause I make them cds and my brother burns them movies.

  5. I love that you do this for your parents! What a meaningful gift … not the least because of the enormous thought and effort put into it. As a mom I say “BRAVO!!!”. As a music lover, there are a lot of new artists for me to check out so thanks for the gift you have given to all of your fans!

    1. Well I owe many tunes to you guys! Not all made the cd but most made my own library!

  6. Ooo!! I’m going to have to check some of these out!! And my Football Sweetheart song made your gentleman’s list!! #3″s Ho Hey! I heard it and just knew it would play at the end of my book (if it were a TV movie or a major motion picture). 🙂

  7. Oh! How many of my favorites are on here?!?! Ingrid Michaelson, Serena Ryder, NeedtoBreathe, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes, Of Monsters and Men. Jess, these are all absolutely FABULOUS! (YES, I AM SHOUTING!) Such a fun project and post!

    1. I loved all your recommendations. Thank you so much Dawn!

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