52 Things to Do This Summer

Last year I made a list of 51 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over. This year I thought, “Why wait?” Let’s get started on the fun when summer is just beginning!

52 Things to Do This Summer

1. Drink lots of Lemonade.

2. Plant flowers.

BegoniaI just got this begonia. Love her!

3. Sit in the grass. Have a picnic.

4. Clean out your closet. Donate what you don’t wear anymore.

5. Go for a bike ride.

6. Find a Little Free Library near you.

Little Free Library7. Visit your local Public Libary.

8. Make pudgy pies over the fire.

9. Host a movie Musical marathon of summer sing-a-longs: Mamma Mia, West Side Story, State Fair, Oklahoma…

10. Visit a cafe’ you’ve never been to before. Bring a friend!

cafe11. Go to a farmer’s market.

12. Lounge with a loved one.

lounging13. Braid your hair.

14. Seek summer scents – freshly mowed grass, fresh-picked herbs, going for a swim, grilling out.

15. Take a tour of a nearby brewery. Enjoy a pint!

beer16. Host a tasting of your favorite beers, wines, or liquors.

17. Try paddle boarding.

18. Take a road trip.

Bloedow's19. Wear flip flops.

20. Go stargazing.

21. Take a tour of someplace right in your hometown.

22. Start a journal. Or read an old one.

Journals23. Eat dinner al fresco.

24. Attend an outdoor concert.

25. Walk places rather than drive whenever possible.

Go for a walk26. Eat an ice cream cone.

27. Doodle.

28. Read a book.

Read a Book29. Make fun ice cubes – different shapes or colors.

30. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk31. Run around barefoot.

32. Let your hair air dry.

33. Practice taking the perfect peaceful selfie.

Selfie34. Pet sit for someone.

35. Paint a room in your house. Make it bold.

36. Read the latest issue of BookPage. Cover to cover.

read the paper37. And while you’re at it, add to or start a Goodreads account to keep track of all the books you’re going to read.

38. Make salsa with veggies from the garden or market.

39. Create a new smoothie.

Smoothie40. Build a sandcastle.

41. Play frisbee in the park.

42. Launch fireworks.

43. Go antiquing or hit up a rummage sale.

antiquing44. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

45. Buy a handmade piece of jewelry from a vendor at a carnival.

46. Find a new piece of lawn art.


His name is Marvin. He lives here now.

47. Switch to iced coffee.

48. Celebrate the unique summer holidays.

June 1st – Dare Day

June 4th – Hug Your Cat Day

June 6th – National Doughnut Day

June 14th – World Juggler’s Day

June 18th – Go Fishing Day

June 19th – World Sauntering Day

June 22nd – National Eclair Day

June 25th – Log Cabin Day

June 27th – Sunglasses Day

June 28th – Paul Bunyan Day

June 29th – Hug Holiday

49. Stop and smell the roses.

Roses50. Bird Watch.

51. Attend BlogHer’14.

52. Reflect. And appreciate the little things.


What’s on your summer to do list?

*All photos are from my Instagram page. For more fun ideas of what to do this summer, follow me on Instagram! I always check out the pages of new followers. 🙂






16 responses

  1. Marvelous list! Feeling good that I’ve done some of these already! (Living we’re painting our living room now, although it’s not bold — just tan.) And I’ve been in flip-flops for at least a month here, but it’s kind of cheating to live in Southeast Texas on that one.

    We have a snowcone place near us that I definitely want to visit this summer. Going to the beach is always on my list. And speaking of that, I think a great summer to-do is swim in some kind of natural water — be it ocean, river, lake. It’s a different feel, and a summer treat in my opinion. I know I’ll get to do ocean and river; we’ll see about lake.

    1. I’m really looking forward to exploring California for the first time this summer at the BlogHer conference. And I will get to swim in the ocean for the first time in…I don’t know…6 years!!! Joe and I never do beach vacations, so Greece is long overdue. (Although, I guess we’ll be swimming in the sea…technically speaking. Still counts!) And it’s probably cleaner than the Mississippi which is my only option here.

  2. I am going to print this out to remind myself to ENJOY summer. #51 sounds very intriguing! I am already looking forward to National Doughnut Day and National Eclair Day — they could have put those two a little further apart on the calendar — but, oh well, I’ll just have to make it work.

    1. I am all over doughnut day. Yep yep yep.


  3. Wait, there’s a World Sauntering Day? As in, the entire world has to saunter? Oh yeah, I’m in. Totally. And National Éclair Day is on my son’s birthday. Just so you know.

    1. You could saunter to the store for some eclairs and birthday candles. 🙂

  4. Love this list, Jess! Road trips are my favorite. So I hope to do a few of those this summer. 🙂

  5. Looks like I have a head start on your list. Especially #1. I drank gallons of the stuff Sunday evening!

    So…how many of the 51 items did you complete last year?

    1. I’ve been guzzling organic lemonade because the co-op had bottles on sale. Mmmm

      I think I did most of them. Didn’t throw a gladiator party though. Shame.

  6. Great list! I will be doing a lot of these. I thought that every day was hug your cat day, wear sunglasses day and Saunter day. Just sayin’. I will celebrate those days everyday! You have now inspired me to create my own list. So excited! 🙂

    1. You’re so badass you saunter e’ry day! Daaaaaang!

      Can’t wait to see your list!

  7. Love it!! I’m adding hip surgery, rehab, and two Margie Lawson classes to my schedule. How’s that for exciting? 🙂 Thank God I live near the beach so a month of crutches won’t kill me.

    1. Oh man, ugh, Jenny. That sucks. You should add get a tattoo, let baby girl finger paint a get well card for you, and ice cream after every rehab session.

      Hang in there!

  8. Great list, Jess! That will make for a “sick” summer!! My fave is eat dinner al fresco ( I assume you mean naked and not outside?). 🙂

    1. Whatever floats your boat!

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